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Promote more powerful and productive mathematics conversations and instruction in your schools

Collaborate in planning for instruction, leading mathematically intense conversations, and using video to develop a keen eye for the essence of the mathematics in lessons.

Be Present, Nurture the Community, Create Space and Energy for Change & Transformation, Encourage Others in the Act of Self-Discovery

Our Mission

The Delaware Mathematics Coalition’s mission is to identify, endorse, and design high quality synergistic professional learning opportunities and experiences that support the actualization of research-based norms for teaching and learning mathematics.

As an organization, the Coalition advocates and supports at the state and district levels for the implementation of these practices in every classroom so that all students gain the mathematics proficiency necessary to graduate having successfully completed a rigorous, meaningful twenty-first century education that prepares them for careers, college, and citizenship.

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Mathematics Professional Learning Opportunities

Keen Eye Coaching

December 7th

Keen Eye Video Analysis Coaching Workshops are purposefully designed to help instructional leaders develop the skills and knowledge to support their teachers in achieving more ambitious mathematics teaching by maximizing the impact of their pre and post-lesson conversations. Learn More.

Math Leadership Social

December 8th

Math leaders from K-12 and higher education are invited to join us for an evening of fun doing math together and collaborating around our practice. The social is being hosted at the Crooked Hammock in Lewes DE and costs only $20/person to participate. Learn More.

DE Desmos Champions

December 12th

Join the DE Desmos Champions as they engage in meaningful technology infused learning experiences designed to maximize student engagement, sense making, and mathematical understanding. Desmos sessions feature teacher leaders who are passionate about teaching and  committed to enhancing their math instruction by using the Desmos calculator and activities.

Leadership Coaching Lab

December 15th

The promise of secondary Leadership Coaching Lab (LCL) is to build a robust mathematics leadership community in which the role of curriculum, lesson study, video analysis, and teacher growth are public and itself the focus of study among colleagues. Learn More.

Get Involved | Our Programs

Professional Learning & Leadership

Be Present, Nurture the Community, Create Space and Energy for Change & Transformation, Encourage Others in the Act of Self-Discovery.

What Educators are saying about our programs.

“I have found a community that truly connects critical mathematics education research to concrete practice. We reflect on content in a way that deepens my own understanding and connections of important mathematical ideas, discuss pedagogical moves that we can use to encourage student thinking and agency within our classrooms, and focus on how we can become better teacher leaders in our building.” (TRU-Math Participant: RBS, 2017)
RBS, 2017
TRU-Math Participant
"The opportunity for new teachers to be a part of the same training (LCL) with experienced teacher leaders and coaches is a unique and powerful opportunity that exemplifies the type of equity across a learning community that is a foundational focal component of the training."
2018 Participant
“Watching and reflecting on the classroom video reminded me of how powerful our work around video analysis has been. I am noticing myself watching videos and focusing more on the math and how the students are engaging in the math. It is so important to encourage all math teachers to think about what the learning goals of each lesson are and how are the students engaging in the math and what are students grappling with.”
LCL Participant

Leadership Coaching Lab Project

The promise of Leadership Coaching Lab is to build a robust mathematics community in which the role of coaches, specialists, and teacher leaders is public and itself the focus of study among colleagues. We will emphasize our role in engaging colleagues in planning for instruction, leading mathematically intense conversations, and using video to develop a keen eye for the essence of the math in lessons.

New Normal PBL Academy [Math Camp!]

Led by experienced mathematics professional developers and teachers with expertise in problem-based learning, the New Normal professional learning academy supports the evolving content and pedagogical needs of the problem-based enthusiasts in secondary and post-secondary schools.

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