October 15th, 2022

STEM Equity Conference

Delaware STEM Equity Conference

What does STEM equity success look like?

October 15th, 2022

Leaders of Delaware’s STEM Council, Delaware Foundation for Science and Mathematics Education, Delaware Mathematics Coalition, and Forum for the Advancement of Minorities in Engineering (FAME) are committed to building structures and systems that eliminate barriers to success in mathematics. The October 15th DE STEM Equity Conference engages PK20 educators, policy makers, and business leaders in meaningful learning experiences that are designed to leverage their capacity as agents of change.

Sessions leaders include highly respected local and national STEM leaders who will engage participants in conversations and learning focused on positively influencing and impacting classroom and systems level equity challenges in STEM.

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*Delaware educators who wish to receive clock hour certificates (in DEEDS) for either one or both days of the equity conference should also register in PDMS.


This year's conference will be hosted virtually. Additional details regarding the program will be provided prior to the event.

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Conference Schedule & Agenda

Conference Schedule

9:00 AM - 9:10 AM

Welcome: Lieutenant Governor Bethany Long-Hall & DE STEM Council Executive Director Daniel Suchenski

9:10 AM-10:50 AM STEM Equity Success Stories

What does STEM equity success look like at the classroom level?

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Identifying & Addressing Barriers to STEM Success

12:10 PM - 1:30 PM

Beyond the Curriculum: What's it going to take to promote success in STEM?

1:30 PM - 2:00 PM

Challenging Ourselves to Take the Next Bold Step

Our Agenda

Featured Topics Include:

Teacher Shortage & Teacher Retention

Creating an Equity-Centered STEM Classroom

Connecting School & Community STEM

Time & Equity in Science

Collaborators for the Conference Include: