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Dismantling Inequities in Math Education Virtual Series for Administrators

DIME Virtual Series for Administrators

Starting in Late February 2023/Early March 2023

Dismantling Inequities in Mathematics Education (DIME)
A Professional Learning Series for Administrators 

Achieving systems level change in mathematics relies on our ability to effectively engage local and state level decision-makers in Delaware schools. The Dismantling Inequities in Mathematics Education professional learning series is designed to support district and school-based administrators in their efforts to identify, disrupt, and address long-standing barriers to academic success in mathematics.

As part of the virtual professional learning series, participants will focus on the following equity-based challenges:

  1. Challenging Elitism in School Mathematics: Who gets to be seen as good at mathematics and why it matters.

  2. Redefining What it Means to Be Good at Mathematics: What does it mean to be good at mathematics? [Session One]

  3. Amplifying Opportunity & Access for Every Learner of Mathematics: What are the attributes of equitable mathematics classrooms? What are the roadblocks to getting there?

  4. Addressing Systems Level Barriers to Success in Mathematics: What underlying systems level challenges must we attend to in order to realize greater progress in mathematics?

  5. Promoting a Love of Teaching & Learning Mathematics: How can we inspire a love of teaching and learning mathematics in all of our classrooms? 

For more information, contact Dr. Jamila Riser (DMC) or Dr. David Santore (DASL).