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Category: Leadership

Teach math like you’d teach writing

Blog by Francis Su I’m teaching my college writing course again this Fall. You might think that’s strange. As a math professor, why am I

Rethinking Giftedness Video “We decided to work with Citizen Film to make this short film after many years of my being a professor at Stanford and hearing

Polygons: Which One Doesn’t Belong?

Students engage in an activating strategy (Which One Doesn’t Belong?) with a goal of collecting informative data about students’ prior understandings about properties of polygons and in particular, what makes a polygon regular.

Desmos Teaching & Learning Support

Teachers need resources to support their vision for promoting high quality mathematics instruction. The following links provide information and access to a wide range of

DESMOS Equity Principles

Desmos Equity Principles We’re on a mission to help every student learn math and love learning math. To achieve our mission, we must acknowledge past

Geogebra for Illustrative Mathematics Grades 6-8

Illustrative Grades 6-8 Curriculum Geogebra Classroom Activities This site allows teachers who are using the Grades 6-8 IM curriculum to use Geogebra classroom activities to

Math Learning Center Math at Home

Math Learning Center has developed a rich library of games for students and parents to use at home.   Click here

Math for Love

Mathematics Begins with Play At Math for Love, we teach mathematics in its whole context. Mathematics begins by playing… with games, puzzles, patterns, shapes, numbers,