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Everyone has faced a moment where they’ve had to demonstrate courage–doing something unpopular, pushing forward through adversity, or confronting a negative situation. Courage is doing those things in the face of fear and fighting the desire to withdraw, hold back, or disengage. The courage we demonstrate often comes in the form of a gut-check that tests our fortitude to make a difference when we’re called upon.

Throughout May, we focused on the power of resilience and and we follow up in June as we take a deep look at what is often considered the most important leadership characteristic of all–courage. Pearse (2017) says that “without courage you can’t make a difference. Without courage you can’t have the right conversations that lead to change. Without courage you won’t even get off the starting block as a leader.” This quote resonates with us because it’s simple yet true. Whatever you set your mind to accomplish, courage is the primary characteristic that will help you navigate the difficult times to push forward. Just as resilience helps us to bounce back after a tough patch, courage inspires us to stay strong when our brains tell us to give up.

Article written by Dr. Joseph Jones (NCCVT) and Dr. TJ Vari (Appoquinimink School District).

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