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Calling Out the Brilliance of ALL Students

“If we’re committed to the success of every child, we must acknowledge the uneven playing field that exists for many: ELLs, students with special needs, children experiencing trauma or relentless poverty, and students of color who confront unconscious biases about their capacity. Walking toward equity will help us to create inclusive, 21st-century classrooms.

— Safir

It is Saturday morning, and I am relishing being awake before anyone else to read and explore what is being discussed by educational thought leaders. I am inspired by quotes such as the one above by Safir. I feel a wave of change beginning to swell, and I find myself empowered by research and voices reinforcing what I have always known about children and learning.

It is time to fully embrace the brilliance of all students by celebrating what makes a child uniquely themselves – their strengths, loves, and passions.

With this approach, students flourish and education becomes a strong empowering place for each and every learner.

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