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Catalyzing Change in High School Mathematics

Catalyzing Change in High School Mathematics: Initiating Critical Conversations identifies and addresses critical challenges in high school mathematics to ensure that each and every student has the mathematical experiences necessary for his or her future personal and professional success. These challenges include: explicitly broadening the purposes for teaching high school mathematics beyond a focus on college and career readiness; dismantling structural obstacles that stand in the way of mathematics working for each and every student; implementing equitable instructional practices; identifying Essential Concepts that all high school students should learn and understand at a deep level; and organizing the high school curriculum around these Essential Concepts in order to support students future personal and professional goals. Catalyzing Change addresses the fact that significant numbers of high school students develop unproductive mathematical identities and see little value in mathematics, while the need for mathematical skills is increasing to meet the workplace, postsecondary education requirements, and to ensure active participation in our democratic society.

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