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Equity in Mathematics Education (AMTE)


AMTE’s mission to promote the improvement of P-12 mathematics teacher education is inextricably bound to our commitment to develop more effective and socially just systems of education. Our organizational mission is thus grounded in a collective dual commitment to promote diversity and to advance equity and inclusion.

The Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE) defines equity as access to high quality learning experiences; inclusion for all learners, mathematics educators, and mathematics teacher educators; and respectful and fair engagement with others (university colleagues, preservice and inservice teachers, future teacher educators, and P-12 students). This means actively working toward a more just and equitable mathematics education free of systemic forms of inequality based on race, class, language, culture, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, and dis/ability.

As an organization, AMTE values and seeks to increase equity, diversity, and inclusion along these many dimensions. AMTE strives to promote access, inclusion, and respectful and fair engagement with others both within and beyond the organization. Mathematics teacher educators have the ethical and professional obligation to advocate for equity in all aspects of their professional work, and AMTE seeks to support its membership in this endeavor.

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