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Introducing the Illustrative Math Reflection Tool

The IM Implementation Reflection Tool supports collaborative conversations and deep reflection about strengths and opportunities for improvement of math instruction. It is a non-evaluative resource to enhance classroom observation, reflection, and feedback. It helps all stakeholders communicate clearly what a robust, meaningful, and dynamic implementation can look like. Such clarity has the potential to help leaders and teachers alike understand the specific actions that could open opportunities for meaningful and culturally relevant adaptations. We hope that this work might act as a source of inspiration for schools to work together to self-assess and grow their teaching and learning over time.

In the tool, you’ll find a detailed Progressions of Practice that goes beyond a basic ‘walkthrough’ checklist. Such clarity about the progression of practice can serve as meaningful guidance and a catalyst for change across three levels of the education system: the classroom, the team, and the school at large. These three levels work together to drive successful implementation. The first two sections, on the school and team levels, consist of reflection questions that help participants decide where they lie on a defined progression of practice for that section. The third section, on the classroom levels, consists of classroom observation protocols.

The tool begins with schoolwide implementation, to highlight the importance of a coherent, shared vision in implementation success.

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