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Listening Stumbling Blocks (Lucy West)

One of the many useful resources from Metamorphosis Learning

Which of the following stumbling blocks have tripped up your capacity to listen well to others?

Me Too: Having the tendency to identify with what the speaker is saying, sometimes injecting an anecdote, turning the spotlight on oneself, and maybe not hearing what is actually being said.

Distracter: Having the tendency to change the subject or put down an idea before it is even fully expressed.

Judger: Having the tendency to listen with a critical ear and prejudge the merit of an idea, perhaps dismissing it prematurely.

Preparer: The tendency to rehearse what you want to say in response before the speaker has completed their thought and losing sight of the speaker’s full message.

Nitpicker: Having the tendency to look for something to disagree with; pushback at; challenge or argue about often coming from the need to be precise and/or right.

Fortune Teller: Having the tendency to think you know what someone is going to say before they say it and responding from that assumption.

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