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Most Misunderstood Math Standards

Grade Level Support from Achieve the Core

ACHIEVE THE CORE has developed a set of resources to support teachers, coaches, and math curriculum leaders in understanding what some of the most misunderstood standards are in each grade level. The guides are written by experts who have invested a great deal of time visiting classroom. Here is an excerpt from the introduction to the grade 6 guide: “There are some standards, regardless of the teacher, the school, or the district that seem to be commonly misunderstood. Somehow the intent of these standards is lost during instruction. I do not believe this is ever done intentionally, but could be a byproduct of many factors. Maybe it is because old standards are still lingering in the current curriculum; or maybe there is a lack of understanding of what the standard actually means. Regardless of the reason, I would like to learn and grow our brains together! I hope through this series of posts, a broader network of math educations will be better equipped to plan for and implement standards-based instruction.”

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