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Principles for Adapting Mathematics Teaching and Learning During COVID

The ASSM acknowledges the effects of COVID-19 on schooling and mathematics instruction in particular. To ensure grade level learning continues, it is critical to create adaptability in our systems and support stakeholders across changing models, such as remote, hybrid, or in-person. We suggest four principles for the teaching and learning of mathematics as schools plan for and begin the 2020-2021 school year and beyond. 

Principle 1: Relationships

Create a community of mathematics learners that trusts, believes in, and relies upon one another.


● Build agency and belonging of students by fostering interactions that validate students’ funds of knowledge through engagement in relevant mathematics.

● Explicitly attend to the social emotional needs of students by actively caring about their academic and personal success.

● Build a safe environment where students can make mistakes and grow as individuals and as a group.

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