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As we all work to respond to the recent announcements about the state of the state and how our schools, businesses, and community will continue to be impacted by the threat of the pandemic, the DMC Leadership Team would like share a few thoughts regarding what districts/IHEs, etc. may be going through and how we might support them.

1) As a coalition, we are committed to the goal of providing every student with the best quality math learning experiences possible. This is an equity issue to be sure. Our interest in sharing a list of vetted resources is never intended to supplant the ambitious instruction embedded in teachers’ high quality instructional materials. On the contrary, we encourage the use of rich conceptually-oriented games and other high quality activities as a way for students to extend and augment their learning outside the classroom door. Whenever possible, as part of students’ distance learning experiences, we would always endorse and support using the district’s adopted high quality instructional materials as much as possible.

2) As teachers from our community reach out for support and ask for assistance regarding potential online games and activities that students, teachers, and parents might use to further enhance their instructional experiences, we believe having a vetted list of rich resources can be very useful. The last thing we want right now (if ever) is for teachers to invest their time looking for resources. Teachers need this time to plan for how they will support their students. Furthermore, it is often the case that much of what is found online does not support the kind of high quality instructional experiences we would want students to invest time doing at home while they are engaging in distance learning.

3) Our purpose in creating a list of rich resource links is part of our broader goal of making valuable resources available to the members of our community. To that end, if you have suggestions for other resources that you believe should be considered for our list, please feel free to contact us (

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