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Rough Draft Math Revising to Learn (Mandy Jansen)

In Rough Draft Math, Mandy shares the power of infusing math class with the spirit of revision so that students feel comfortable thinking aloud as they talk to learn through problem-solving rather than talking only to perform right answers. In the process, a class of students becomes a community of mathematical thinkers, and teachers gain access into their students’ ideas and understandings. Inside you’ll find the following:

  • an exploration of what the idea of revision could mean for math teaching and learning

  • classroom vignettes to see rough draft math in action

  • specific teaching techniques to encourage and practice rough draft thinking

  • voices of teachers and students in rough draft classrooms

  • Mandy’s reflections about her own teaching as a work in progress

In Rough Draft Math, Mandy shows how to create a classroom culture in which your students will feel more comfortable expressing their partial understandings and in-process thinking, and then continually revising that thinking as they build deep, conceptual understanding of mathematics.”

Stenhouse Publisher:

Join us for the October 10th Math Equity Conference

Keynote Speakers: Dr. Amanda Jansen & Dr. Imani Goffney

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