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The Three Virtues of a Great Team Player

What do the Ford Motor company (Henry Ford, Clarence Avery, Peter Martin, Charles Sorensen), the Google team (Sergey Brin, Larry Page and Eric Schmidt, Omid Kordestani), and Walt Disney and “his nine old men” all have in common?

“They are all great team players!”

Great teams are more than just a bunch of smart people. In each of the above three cases, there is something special: a spark, a virtue, or some business environment “juju” that inspired team members to push their limits beyond the comfort zone and create products that redefined their businesses.

So, how can you identify, build, and sustain such great team players?

Patrick Lencioni reveals in his book “The ideal team player” the three indispensable virtues that we will briefly be exploring in the context of the Scrum team.

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