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We’re in this together: Supporting High Quality Mathematics Teaching in Uncertain Times

Global education organizations like the OECD have released reports to guide senior education leaders when responding to this disruption (OECD, 2020). This year has also been a year of protests about racial injustice. While the level of protests may be new, sadly, racial injustice is not. Longstanding gaps exist in equity of educational opportunities and outcomes for Black, Indigenous, and racialized groups of students (Berends & Penaloza, 2010; Lee, 2002; Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, 2015).

So, what about disruptions and inequities in learning specifically for mathematics? What can Ministry and Department officials, district and school leaders, teachers and parents do to improve equity of outcomes in mathematics for all learners as they continue with remote instruction, return to their schools, or adjust to a blended delivery model of classroom and online learning?

We’re in this together: Supporting High-quality Math Teaching in Uncertain Times is a short, practical report designed to be accessible to all stakeholders. It provides a narrative on research-based best practices across four categories: 

1 Technology 

2 Assessment 

3 Curriculum 

4 Pedagogy 

The co-authors have deliberately placed the categories in this order to disrupt common thinking around how these categories should be approached. We lead with technology to acknowledge the current and dramatic shift in delivery of learning. Next is assessment, because the best time for assessment is not just at the end of a learning cycle, but also early and throughout the cycle to inform instruction and provide necessary feedback to students. We then discuss curriculum (the what) and we end with pedagogy (the how). Each category has a list of recommendations for consideration. Finally, we highlight key thoughts around implementation. Our hope is that this combination will help all educators support high-quality teaching and learning in math no
matter what the circumstances. 

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