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What We Believe |
Our Mission

The mission of the Delaware Mathematics Coalition is to identify, endorse, and design high quality synergistic professional learning opportunities and experiences that support the actualization of research-based norms for teaching and learning mathematics. As an organization, the Coalition advocates and supports at the state and district levels for the implementation of these practices in every classroom so that all students gain the mathematics proficiency necessary to graduate having successfully completed a rigorous, meaningful twenty-first century education that prepares them for careers, college, and citizenship.

About Us.

The Delaware Mathematics Coalition (DMC) is a strong alliance of public and charter school mathematics supervisors, higher educators, Department of Education leaders, and representatives from the business community. Monthly meetings of the DMC provide opportunities for the stakeholders to engage in meaningful conversations related to their role as instructional leaders, their mutual efforts to share best practices and problem solve challenges, and their interest in becoming more influential and persuasive leaders.

As a mathematics leadership organization, DMC members envision classrooms in which confident and competent problem solvers flourish; all students are productively engaged in challenging mathematics instruction, and all teachers are supported in their efforts to become more knowledgeable and reflective practitioners. DMC members recognize the tremendous value of professional learning and professional development in leveraging school change and communicate their commitment to their vision and mission through their ongoing support and high engagement in DMC-sponsored programs.

The nucleus of the organization is the district and charter schools in the state with governance of the DMC is supported by the Board of Directors and the DMC Executive Board (EB). The EB consists of district partners from each county in the state, a Charter School member, Department of Education Math Education Associates, a Delaware higher educator of mathematics, the Executive Director of the DMC, and a business leader represented by the Executive Director of the Delaware Foundation for Science and Mathematics Education. The team works collaboratively to support the development and evolving progress of the organization’s equity-focused strategic plan, coordinates details regarding monthly meetings, and provide ongoing guidance regarding the coalition’s mission and vision. The Executive Director also serves as the coordinator for the DMC’s statewide and site-based professional learning  and coaching efforts and oversees the work of the DMC Professional Teaching & Learning Team.

Our Leadership Team

Michelle Hawley

Brandywine School District

Molli Carter

Del Tech Community College

Ryan Harrington

Tech Impact

Kristin Carmen

Cape Henlopen School District

Philip Wandless

Smyrna School District

Jamila Riser

DMC Executive Director

Nicole Marshall

DE Department of Education

Renee Parsley

DE Department of Education

Randy Guschl


The Critical Role of Thought Partners & Advisors

Higher education, Department of Education, and members of the business sector, while not voting members of the DMC, serve as critical advisors to the organization. They expand the alliance’s reach and play an integral role in supporting the actualization of the DMC’s equity-centered strategic priorities. 

DMC Executive Board Emeritus Members

 As members of the Emeritus Community, retired leaders  of DMC Executive Board are invited to participate in monthly meetings of the organization, serve as thought partners in the DMC’s ongoing professional learning projects, and serve as ambassadors for the DMC’s mission and vision for mathematics, both at the local and state levels. We are honored that the following leaders of mathematics have agreed to serve as Emeritus DMC Executive Board Members.  

Diana Roscoe

Michael Kijowski

Charlie Webb