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Students as Producers within the Math Classroom: Capitalizing on the Power of Instructional Technology through the Desmos Experience

Principal Investigators: Renee Parsley (DE Department of Education), Jamila Riser (DMC), and Sarah Potter (Caesar Rodney)

"In order to provide equitable access to learning mathematics with technology, schools should prioritize purposeful technology acquisition and provide content-specific teacher development."

NCTM 2017

July 25-27, 2022 Delaware Desmos Champions Summer Academy

Face-to-Face Professional Learning

Join us this summer as we host our annual Delaware Desmos Academy for grades 6-12 educators in Delaware schools. The professional learning will be led by Certified Desmos trainer Bob Lochel along with the support of returning Cohort 1-3 Champions. The three-day workshop is going to be held in Dover and is open to individuals with all backgrounds related to Desmos. Cohort 1-3 members can register using this link. If you wish to apply to be a member of the 4th Cohort, please click on the link below. Seating is limited so please apply by June 10th!

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Spearheaded by mathematics leaders from the Delaware Mathematics Coalition’s Instructional Technology in the Mathematics Classroom Subcommittee, the Delaware Students as Producers within the Math Classroom: Capitalizing on the Power of Instructional Technology through the Desmos Experience project grew from the need to provide guidance and high quality professional learning for the effective use of technology in mathematics instruction. The first statewide cohort [Delaware Desmos Champions Cohort 1] was launched three years ago. Since that time, the project has engaged more than one hundred teachers and coaches from seventeen districts and two charter schools in the state. This summer, project leaders will be inviting teachers to participate in the fourth cohort of the Delaware Desmos Champions. For more details, please contact Renee Parsley, Sarah Potter, or Jamila Riser.

Delaware Desmos Champions are champions of...

  • helping children love and see the beauty and power of mathematics;

  • developing their content knowledge, pedagogical skills, and instructional technology capacity; and

  • empowering a community of problem solvers who lift each other up, inspire one another, and model tenacity and perseverance.