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Professional Development


A three-part series focused on calibrating administrators' vision of high quality mathematics instruction and engaging teachers in more meaningful conversations about ways to enhance students' learning opportunities.


About This Program

Developed by Delaware Mathematics Coalition leaders, the Mathematics Administrator Classroom Visitation Program is designed to support school administrators in their efforts to promote more powerful and productive discourse in their mathematics classrooms. The three part series engages administrators in job-embedded activities including classroom video analysis, use of protocols to support a tighter focus on students’ learning opportunities, classroom visits, and rehearsals of follow-up conversations with teachers.

Session One Calibrating Our Vision for High Quality Mathematics Instruction & Meaningful Discourse

Session Two Applying Our Lens: Moving Our Vision for High Quality Teaching and Learning Forward

Session Three Expanding Our Efforts: Promoting a School Climate of Learning and Reflection

  • What does meaningful mathematics discourse look like and sound like in action?
  • How can we more consistently capture evidence of those key moments when students’ learning opportunities occurred or could have been further enhanced?
  • What is the nature of the feedback and questions that are most useful in promoting reflection and growth?
  • How can we promote sustainable improvements in the quality of mathematics conversations in our classrooms?

The Delaware Mathematics Coalition’s Math Administrator Classroom Visitation professional learning program is now available to all district and charter school members of the organization. The course of study was developed by the curriculum leaders as part of their Principles for Principals initiative and is aimed at supporting administrators (K-12) in their efforts to promote more meaningful discourse and deeper teacher reflection in their schools. The program has been met with tremendous enthusiasm and was featured at the 2019 Policies & Practices Institute. For more information, contact Delaware Mathematics Coalition Executive Director Dr. Jamila Riser.