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Video Analysis as a Mechanism for Improving Mathematics Teaching

Delaware Math Coalition leaders are committed to the use of high quality instructional materials (HQIM) and providing sustained support to assist teachers and coaches in more skillfully enacting lessons from their HQIM. The organization’s professional learning model is grounded in research (Kersting et. al, 2010, 2012, 2015) that has been correlated with more ambitious teaching and higher student achievement in mathematics. The approach utilizes four-part lesson study video analysis cycle that is purposefully designed to engage teachers and coaches in mathematically intense planning to teach and reflection conversations. As part of the cycle, teachers and coaches:

  • unpack target lessons from their high quality instructional materials and identify the intended learning goal(s) of the lesson;
  • focus on getting beyond the nuts and bolts of their lessons by identifying critical moments in the lesson’s mathematical trajectory;
  • make predictions about how students’ conceptions about the key ideas will evolve across the lesson; and
  • analyze video with a goal of understanding student thinking and considering ways to further enhance students’ opportunities to make progress with the intended lesson learning goal.

Our Theory of Action

Delaware Mathematics Coalition (DMC) members invest heavily in the belief that all teachers can learn to improve the quality of mathematics instruction in their classrooms, and, positively impact students’ dispositions and understanding of mathematics. Our theory of action is grounded in the need to build sustainable structures and systems that are intentionally designed to deepen the content, curricular, pedagogical, and leadership knowledge and skills of nested communities of learners in Delaware’s PK-20 system.

To achieve their vision, DMC leaders engage a strong team of highly respected mathematics experts with a history of successful leadership experience in teaching, curriculum, professional development, coaching, and assessment.  As Connectors, the members of the DMC Professional Teaching & Learning Team  build meaningful relationships with educators in the field and evolve their capacity in ways that help them translate their learning into visible actions and impact in their day-to-day job-embedded work.

Meet Our Professional Teaching & Learning Team Members

The Delaware Mathematics Coalition professional teaching and learning team is comprised of highly-respected professional learning experts, thought partners, and coaches with a history of success as mathematics leaders in the state. The team includes the project director, Dr. Jamila Riser, and thirteen professional development facilitators, coaches, and connectors. The role of connectors is to initiate school-based outreach with the goal of reinforcing school-based continuation of the work connected to our statewide workshops by providing follow-up coaching cycles and building school-based leadership capacity. Our research partners in the work consist of University of Delaware School of Education professors Dr. James Hiebert, Dr. Lynsey Gibbons, and Dr. Erica Litke.

Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 9.43.52 AM

Jamila Q. Riser

Delaware Mathematics Coalition
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Valerie Maxwell

Delaware Mathematics Coalition
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Nancy Thornburg

Delaware Mathematics Coalition
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Julie Yakimowicz

Delaware Mathematics Coalition
Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 9.36.00 AM

Sally Todorow

Delaware Mathematics Coalition
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Linda Bledsoe

Delware Mathematics Coalition
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Sarah Ryan

Delaware Mathematics Coalition
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Terri Whitacre

Delaware Mathematics Coalition
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Marie Peters

Delaware Mathematics Coalition
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Jen Bonham

Delaware Mathematics Coalition
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Jan Shetzler

Delaware Mathematics Coalition

Charlie Webb

Delaware Mathematics Coalition

Courtney Clark

Delaware Mathematics Coalition

Expanding Statewide Math Leadership Capacity

The Delaware Mathematics Coalition is committed to building local and state level mathematics leadership capacity. Teacher leaders, coaches, and math supervisors from local district and charter schools play an integral role in the success of our professional learning programs (TRU-Math, Leadership Coaching Lab, New Normal PBL Academy (Math Camp), Desmos Champions, TUPL etc.). In our efforts to cultivate the skills, knowledge, and growth of our community of math leaders in the state, we are grateful for the engagements of these and other leaders of mathematics in our statewide community.


Thomas Becker

MOT Charter School District
Screenshot 2024-05-04 at 10.11.53 AM

Robin Corrozi

Cape Henlopen School District
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Michael Reitemeyer

Las Americas Aspira Academy
Screenshot 2023-12-02 at 8.08.27 PM

Samantha Kasehagen

MOT Charter School District

Allison Gantt

UD Ph. D. Student
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David Maloney

Brandywine School District
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Philip Wandless

Smyrna School District